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With over 25 years of experience in the food industry, the Ana and Cornel brand is constantly adapting to the needs and expectations of its customers.

The Ana and Cornel brand develops a new concept in its stores, a concept that harmoniously combines elements of modern design. The elements present in the space, from the interior design, equipment, the way of presenting the products and to the specialized staff for such a type of service, have all been made to create a warm, welcoming space adapted to the needs of customers. We want every customer who crosses the threshold of our store to have a unique shopping experience. The space is divided into several areas such as: the product presentation area, the self-service area and a specially arranged area, where customers can pay for the purchased products. The new concept comes with a fresh air and brings several new services for our customers: self-service showcase, where the customer can get what he wants, delicious sandwiches, prepared on the spot, in the store, delicious hot dogs, ready to be enjoyed by the greedy , hot bread, ready to take out of the oven, as well as spices, preserves, dairy products, wines and soft drinks. The store also has a specially arranged place for self-service, where customers can enjoy in peace, delicious sandwiches, prepared on the spot, with their favorite products, from Ana and Cornel. The first store that benefited from the implementation of the new concept is the store in Mizil, Prahova County. The modernization and arrangement of the new store means a pleasant environment, but also a hygienic presentation of certified products in the field of food quality and safety.

For 2021, the Ana and Cornel brand aims to implement the new concept in at least 10 stores with the same name.

A new retail concept