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What do we do?

For 25 years, we have been creating new products, inspired by the gastronomic culture of the Romanians and by the tastes that families in Romania appreciate. Ana şi Cornel is the company that creates the products from the "Family of tastes". Our products start from recipes passed down from one generation to another, but always improved with other combinations of new tastes. We keep the taste that our consumers appreciate in our products, by carefully monitoring the recipes and the quality of the ingredients, even if the production processes and facilities are constantly evolving.

PRODUCTION: The vision of the company is to innovate the production process and the logistic system, to deliver to our consumers high quality products, keeping the recipes and the perfect taste. We use the latest technology to provide healthy and safe products for customers. Our goal is to satisfy the tastes and needs of any type of customer by offering high quality products, at a fair price.

TRANSPORT: Our products reach the clients in Muntenia, Moldova, Dobrogea and Oltenia by means of our distribution system, coordinated from the towns of Bacau, Mizil, Constanta, Francesti.With more than 200 cars in our fleet, our company delivers daily fresh products in the shortest time possible.

RETAIL: We hold a network of 80 of our own stores in the South-East part of the country. In the Ana și Cornel stores we have a wide and diversified range of products for all tastes. In our range of products we have: salamies, sausages, specialties, ready-to-eat meals and fresh pork, beef and poultry. The Ana și Cornel stores offer a pleasant purchase experience and a selection of meat preparates of the best quality and undisputable freshness.