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Certifications and quality standards

In the year of 2018, respectively 2019, the company Ana şi Cornel obtained the 1st place in the Top of Prahova County Companies – Meat processing and preservation – Large enterprises.  We are honored to receive these distinctions which motivate us and give us the energy to continue offering you products and services of the best quality. 

The ISO 9001:2015 standard on quality management specifies the general requirements for the implementation, development and improvement of quality management systems in order to deliver high quality services and products. The correct implementation of the ISO 9001 standard ensures a more organized, efficient and profitable system for our organization. The certification is a quality label, our company benefiting from such an added image in the market where it operates. In order to adapt the standards to the current needs, these standards are reviewed periodically. In September 2018, the company made the transition to this new edition by means of the re-certification obtained through a complex audit carried out within the organization, by a recognized certification body on the world certification market, Bureau Veritas. In a wide range of fields, Bureau Veritas is an accredited body to verify and give official confirmation (in the form of a certificate) that a system complies with a certain requirement for which certification is required.

FSSC / ISO 22000 standard - on food safety and security. Food safety is a worldwide concern, if we only consider some major events in recent years and if we consider the health of consumers around the world. Like any company involved in the production, packaging, distribution and sale of food, we must be sure that the safety of these products has not been compromised within the food chain, and this can be achieved by implementing and certifying a food safety management system.

ISO 14001:2015 - on environmental management - This standard requires an organization to declare what it does in terms of controlling and reducing its impact on the environment, to put into practice what it has stated in its environmental policy, and to record what happened before in order to learn from experiences. The implementation and certification of an environmental management system represents the adoption of a systematic approach in order to treat the environmental aspects of our organization. The environmental management system is a useful "tool", which allows us to control the impact of our activities, products, services on the environment.