Family deli meats

Ana and Cornel offer more than 200 varieties of products well-liked among customers

We laid the foundation of the company 20 years ago and with it a new manner of developing deli meats, without making any compromise. Our product range has increased in variety, while continuing to abide by the same golden rule, namely the passion of a thing well done. Our products are based on family recipes, passed over from generation to generation, yet constantly improved with new taste combinations.

The family deli meats made by Ana and Cornel comprise: salami, sausages, raw-dried specialties, ready-to-eat products such as fresh pork, beef, poultry meat, all prepared and produced based on family recipes, using fresh ingredients and with great concern on the consumer’s health.


Ana and Cornel refrigerated products include: fresh sausages, small Romanian sausages and minced meat. They are appreciated for their constant freshness while packed, preserving nutritional values and the flavor released upon packaging.

Fresh meat