Family deli meats
The story of Ana and Cornel speaks about tens of years of activity throughout which passion was passed from one generation to the other. The results obtained by the company, the trust proven by our customers and all learnings gathered throughout all these years give us the confidence necessary to constantly improve and innovate the field in which we operate.

Carmina Paraschiv   GENERAL DIRECTOR

Our story

Our products made from passion have been underlying the evolution of Ana and Cornel company throughout the 20 years of presence on the domestic market.

Hard work and care for the community transformed a family business into a company close to the heart and taste of people across the country. To all those we work with we instill the idea that we are a company committed to preparing products without making compromise, abiding by the highest standards.

Our story begins from the founders’ wish to create a company that would last across generations. Ana and Cornel consists in the people who learn each day what it means to create a product better than yesterday.
We are a company constantly growing, being the sum of the best ideas and actions put in place by the teams that form an integrated part of it.
The company’s vision is to innovate the production process and the logistics system, in order to deliver high-quality products to consumers, by preserving the recipes and the traditional taste. We use state-of-the-art technologies in order to provide customers with healthy and safe products.

The company’s mission is to follow on the tradition built for more than 20 years and remain true to the values and preferences of the communities from which it originates, to continue to be recognized on the market as a reliable producer, constantly delivering the best services and products.

Ana and Cornel is a Romanian brand with a history of more than 20 years, shaped around several healthy principles, which perfectly describe the family: passion, honesty, hard work, health and respect.

Transparency, trust, seriousness and integrity are the core principles promoted by Ana and Cornel. These aspects are laid down at internal level in the company’s code of conduct, which applies to all employees.